What is Full Service Billing?

You understand the importance of a robust health club management solution because it’s how you run the back office of your facility. You also know that a huge component in running your business is the most important factor affecting your bottom line: billing solutionsCSI Spectrum’s Full Service Billing enables your health club to maintain positive cash flow, while saving you time so you can focus on fostering meaningful member relationships on the floor.  

Why Does Your Club Need It? 

1.) It Saves You Time

Mundane and frustrating tasks end up robbing you and your staff of time that could be spent supporting members and helping them achieve their goals. Full Service Billing allows you to hand off time-consuming payments duties and challenging billing-related questions to our team of experts. 

2.) It Increases Your Revenue 

Don’t wait for a major billing issue to arise. Equipped with the power of databases, reports, and decades of experience, our team works proactively to prevent missed payments and recover lost revenue due to insufficient funds. We do all the member calling on your behalf, boosting your bottom line before you ever feel the pain. 

3.) It Promotes Data Integrity

Your data is safe with us. With our fully secure system, you’ll never have to worry about whether your member or billing data is accessible by outside parties.  

4.) It Maintains Positive Member Relationships 

We know maintaining strong member relationships is crucial at your club. We also know how awkward payments conversations can be with those you care about. With Full Service Billing, our team handles the tough member interactions, so you can focus on building long-term relationships. 

Learn How Your Club Can Benefit

Start saving time, engaging with your members and increasing your bottom line.